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Check out my website

Check out my website. Just updated again! http://htxt.it/4AuT

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News Times is Nice! Take a look.

friends! I found a really neat site to locate classic car mechanics
in Omaha, Nebraska! We are located here also. Check out the link
classic car and hot rod enthusiast’s!

Cars Omaha

Hope to see you there! Also, check
out our website!

-Tim Pokorski (owner-operator)

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Welcome to T&M Automotive! “Omaha’s Exclusive Classic Car, Muscle Car and Hot Rod Shop.

Here at T&M Automotive we offer a variety of services. If you have an issue with your classic car, we can help!!

From engine rebuilding, to transmission and differential building, we can get your ride back on the road!

With the help of our friendly staff you can get 1000’s more miles out of your pride and joy!
Having linkage, wiring or suspension troubles? No problem! Your in good hands. With the work of Tim Porkorski you can be rest assured that no corners will be skipped and that your vintage hot rod or muscle car will be good for that long awaited road trip or daily driver.

Thinking about a performance upgrade on your classic vehicle? We have access to all the best upgrades, from installation of a larger more powerful crate engine, to full blown supercharged madness!

Does your vintage truck or car have a special need? Ask us! We can do custom interior, custom paint. Have an idea for a custom billet dash? We got you covered! We also do wheel center caps, air cleaners, special brackets and just about anything else that you can think of.

Have a special need? We can do it. Pictured is a Billet dash board insert that we machined and installed in the vehicle. Have an idea for a custom dash? We can get it done. We can also do Wheel center caps, Air cleaners, Brackets and just about anything else you might need.

Give us a call @ 402-572-0694 or email us at classic@tandmautomotive-omaha.com
Stop by or classic car website! We are conviently located in Omaha, Nebraska for all your high performance or classic car maintenance needs!

-Hope to see you soon! Tim Pokorski

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Omaha’s favorite hot rod and classic car performance shop

Check out our client testimonials page on T&M Automotive, Omaha’s favorite classic car and speed shop. http://www.tandmautomotive-omaha.com/testimonials.asp

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Choosing the right classic vehicle

Choosing a classic hot rod can be a difficult decision to make. Check out my article that I wrote on the subject!


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T&M Automotive. Classic Hot Rod Shop. Antique Vehicle Restoration Shop

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74 Corvette “ON Frame Restoration”

Hey everyone!

I just created a really quick video of one of our Corvette restorations that we did recently. This old muscle car was ready for a make over! We took this vintage car and threw a new 496 BB Chevy stroker with 620HP and 595 lb ft of torque on pump gas  DOWSER!!!

Needless to say the customer was ecstatic! -LOL

620 HP’s!!! It was a joy to work on! This kind of hot rod makes working as a vintage mechanic all the worth while! The feeling of satisfaction that one gets after building something from start to finish like this is what its all about!

….and 595 lb ft of torque is awesome! -LMAO

We kept the stock configurations and did not go to crazy on the custom modifications, but 620 hp’s!!!! 🙂


Check out all of our other custom cars and restoration projects that we have worked on in the past at our website! http://www.tandmautomotive-omaha.com/past_projects.asp

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Muscle car madness, make up your mind!

by: Tim Pokorski T&M Automotive. Omaha, Nebraska

For some people choosing the right classic car is a hard decision, besides with over a century of vehicles to choose from and hundreds of makes and models its easy to understand how difficult it is!

The research into your favorite muscle car is a part of the process into selecting the vehicle of your dreams, to many it is their hobby. It’s their past time, a way to connect with people and you can even drive it where ever you go!

Oh, so many options! Which direction to go? For must car enthusiasts its a simple decision. Are you a “Chevy, Ford or Mopar guy”? For other people, they are looking for the “most bang for their buck”.

If your looking for the most bang for the buck, you still have to factor in price, motor size, condition of vehicle, history and several other factors.

Is the condition of the vehicle in bad shape? Consider the costs involved if you want to restore it and remember vehicles, generally speaking, are never considered good investments.

If your not very particular on the year, make and model of the vehicle than deciding if you want a 2 door or 4 door, convertible or hard top, 6 cylinder or v8, manual or automatic are just some of the decisions that you have to keep in mind when searching for a classic ride.

When looking at classic vehicles probably the most important factor in determining how much it is worth is how rare it is. If only a handful were made, then its worth more money.

Another factor on determining price, amongst condition, is do all the numbers on the engine match the title and the chassis? If you dont care about originality than you can save alot of money.

Over the years Craigslist has become very popular for buying and selling vehicles. The best thing about Craigslist is that you can search nationwide or you can search at a local level and find something close to home.

Best advice, be patient. Patience pays. There’s nothing worse than buyers remorse after buying a classic car and seeing something else that you might like better. That can lead to costly decisions, in the end.

Once you buy something figure on sticking with it for awhile, and if you dont plan on keeping, dont spend much money on it!!

Your classic vehicle is waiting! Keep your eye’s and ears open and envision your dream car and it will materialize.


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